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Renoir Graphiq WIX Partner Creator

Renoir Graphiq, a Trusted WIX Partner Studio


Global Website creation platform for businesses

Renoir Graphiq WIX Accessibility Certified

Renoir Graphiq, an Inclusive WIX Partner


Inclusive Design: WIX Accessibility Certified

Our mission is to develop a bold digital presence.

  • Craft a web presence that inspires trust and resonates with your clients. Our commitment: crafting stunning WIX Websites with lifelong support. We diligently safeguard against IPR infringement, adhere to GDPR regulations, and meet WCAG Guidelines, ensuring a legal and accessible online experience. Explore Pricing. Let's connect

  • Transform your vision into a stunning WIX Landing Page in mere days to weeks. We handle IPR protection, GDPR compliance, and adherence to WCAG Guidelines, safeguarding your project from any legal concerns. Explore Pricing​. Let's connect

  • Craft an exquisite WIX Microsite in a matter of days to weeks. We prioritize your project's security, addressing IPR Infringement, GDPR compliance, and adherence to WCAG Guidelines, ensuring a legally sound and accessible online presence. Explore Pricing. Let's connect

  • Strategically, it's prudent to begin by testing with Wireframes & Prototypes, a process that takes only a few weeks but can save substantial future costs. We specialize in crafting industry-agnostic Wireframes & Prototypes and ensure protection against IPR Infringement, GDPR compliance, and WCAG Guidelines, safeguarding your project from potential legal complications. Explore Pricing. Let's connect

  • We're your partners in crafting distinctive logos and establishing comprehensive Style Guides. Effective branding is the key to maintaining unwavering consistency in your communication with stakeholders. Explore Pricing. Let's connect

Recent Work

Some of our recent work helping client's transform their digital presence.

Website Development - Online Yoga Studio

Renoir Graphiq Web Design

Elevate your web presence.

Responsive, IPR protected, WCAG compliant & GDPR ready Designs.

Renoir Graphiq Web Design Project
Renoir Graphiq Wireframe and Prototyping Project
Wireframes & Prototypes for an Online Restaurant
Web Design for a Financial Services Company
  • How is Renoir Graphiq different?
    Our differentiating factors include transparent pricing, lifetime support for Web Development, limited warranty for other services, legal protection against copyright issues, and compliance with minimum WCAG Accessibility guidelines and GDPR Laws.
  • Can you help me for Web Design & Development?
    Yes, We can. We use WIX Studio to develop websites. We also offer lifetime support for the websites developed by us.
  • What are your areas of focus?
    Website Development (using WIX Studio), Develop Landing Page and Microsite, Wireframes & Prototypes and Branding. Please refer to our Design Studio brochure.
  • Can you help me for Branding or do I need some other agency?
    We help you in Logo design and visual identity (color palettes, typography, and imagery).
  • What is lifetime support?
    We provide lifetime support, which includes 12 hours per year, for Web Design & Development services. For other offerings like Wireframes/Prototypes, we offer a one-month warranty. Please check the lifetime support document for more details.
  • Do you consider WCAG guidelines, GDPR guidelines in your deliverable?
    Yes. We take care that minimum accessibility standards are meeting by following WCAG guidelines. We respect clients data and privacy and follow GDPR guidelines.
  • How to get a proposal from you?
    Contact us at or call +91 93201 55282. Visit us at Renoir Graphiq, Vaswani Chambers, 1st floor, 264-265, Dr. Annie Besant Rd, Worli, Mumbai, MH 400051, India.
  • How do I know that Renoir Graphiq will not share my details to my competition?
    We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client and such NDA protects both the parties from information sharing to third parties. We sign NDA with the client only if client is comfortable signing it. We protect your information and data shared with us. We typically sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Do you have any refund policy?
    Indeed, we offer a full refund policy within 7 to 14 days. For more information, please consult our pricing page.

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